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Ed Kershen




 5' 8"

165 lbs.



Degree: BFA SUNY Purchase





A Miracle In Spanish Harlem           Derek Partridge            Boris                        Clara Vista Productions

An Affirmative Act                            Jana Mattioli                Judge Frier                JFK Productions

Earthwork                                         Chris Ordal                  Deliveryman              


The Crimson Mask                           Elias Plagianos           Jefe                           ESP Films

Winter of Frozen Dreams                 Eric Mandelbaum        Ryan


A Packing Suburbia                          Stephen Szklarski       Mr. Musso


Poison                                              Todd Haynes              Fred


Sidewalk Stories                                Charles Lane             Detective Brooks       Island Films

2010 - present


Sopranos                                            Co-Star                      HBO                                       

Law & Order: Criminal Intent              Co-Star                      NBC

Law & Order                                       3 Episodes                 NBC

NYPD Blue                                         Co-Star                      ABC

True Blue                                            Guest Star                 NBC


NY News                                             Co-Star                     NBC


LA Law                                                Co-Star                     NBC


Clara (Arthur Miller Play)                     Co-Star                     A&E


The King Of America                          Supporting                 PBS

(TV Film)


One Life To Live                                 1 Year Recurring       ABC


All My Children                                    Multiple Episodes     ABC


Stoop Talk (Pilot)                                Series Regular          Greystone

2010 - present


Dozens of National and Regional on camera and Voice overs

Off Broadway
Actor's Temple Theatre                  Sam's Romance                          Hillary Spector
Cherry Lane Theatre                      The Eggnogg Talking                  Sarah Tuft
American Place Theatre                 Godfather Workout                      Seth Isler
Jewish Repertory                            The Gift Horse                             Robert Kalfin
Actor's Studio                                  The Family Hour                         Alec Harrington
Paul Mazer Theatre                        Waiting For Lefty                         Howard DaSilva
HB Playwrights Theatre                  Villa Capri                                    Herbert Berghof



Company Of Fools (ID)                        Moonlight & Magnolia's                  Gordon Reinhardt

Cape Fear Regional (NC)                    A View From The Bridge                Michael Dove

Clarence Brown Theatre (TN)              The Odd Couple                            Charlie Hensley

Guthrie Theatre  (MN)                          The Venetian Twins                       Michael Bogdonov

City Theatre (PA)                                  Sacco & Vanzetti                           Arne Zaslove

Wilma Theatre (PA)                              Road To Nirvana                           Murphy Guyer

Syracuse Stage (NY)

Merrimack Rep (MA)                           All I Ever really needed to Know    David Zoffoli

                                                             I Learned in Kindergarten

Forum Theatre (NJ)                             Conversations with my Father       Peter Lowey

Kennedy Center (DC)                          Joe Louis:Brown Bomber              Greggory Freelon

Northshore Music Theatre  (MA)         A Midsummer Night's Dream        David Zoffoli

Autumn Playhouse (PA)                     The Meadowlark                             Robert Crest







Speacial Skills


Acoustic & Electric guitar





On Camera Interviewer/Host for






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